Lumbar Puncture Prep

Lumbar Puncture Preparation

How to Prepare for Your Lumbar Puncture Exam

  • You will receive a letter in the mail prior to your procedure with more specific instructions regarding medications.
  • Lab work may be required prior to the exam. A technologist will contact you to speak further about this.
  • Please plan on arriving 30 minutes prior to your appointment for patient registration.
  • Please do not eat or drink anything four (4) hours prior to your scheduled exam time.
  • Please make sure to bring a driver with you to take you home.
  • Please have a list of any medications you are currently taking ready for the technologist.
  • Please inform the technologist if there is any chance you may be pregnant.
  • Please remain on bed-rest 24 hours after your exam.
  • Do not work for two (2) days following your exam.